Disassembly of 12V 1A adapter

Shenzhen Ruide Electronical Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in development and producing power adapters, and we have always been committed to addressing customer needs first and continuously improving quality and efficiency......

2018-08-01 17:47:56

A letter of thanks

First of all, I want to express my most sincere and gratitude. I sincerely thank you for your generosity and selfless help, which makes my heart full of gratitude and warmth!......

2018-07-31 09:34:01

【Excellent Leaders,bright future 】Shenzhen Ruide Electronics won the global source excellence award

2018 global source excellence award ceremony......

2018-06-07 15:51:17

Proposal of company loving-care donation for Administration dept XuKai’s family

At the moment we work and study in order and enjoy the happiness of family, an unfortunate family is in urgent need of help!......

2018-06-07 09:33:41

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