A letter of thanks

2018-07-31 09:34:01

Dear leaders and colleagues:

First of all, I want to express my most sincere and gratitude. I sincerely thank you for your generosity and selfless help, which makes my heart full of gratitude and warmth!

On the morning of May 26, 2018, my mother accidentally fell into the street when riding an electric bicycle on the way to the farm market to buy vegetables,and suffered serious head injuries.As a nice person passed by and dialed 120, she was sent to the People’s Hospital for emergency treatment. The initial diagnosis was a cranial contusion and intracranial,and a large number of hemorrhage, anterior and posterior craniotomy (2 times), tracheotomy and other operations, complications occurred during acute respiratory distress, serious pulmonary infection, on the way from GICU to ICU, respiratory and cardiac arrest, heartbeat recovery and other rescue after 6 minutes restoring heartbeat and breathing,which resulting in secondary injury to the brain. On the 18th day of the ICU,my mother finally opened her eyes, but her lungs were infected with three kinds of bacteria, such as Acinetobacter baumannii, which are extremely resistant. After the expert analysis of the bacterial infection index, effective allocation of antibiotics, and finally effectively controlled it, after the 53rd day of the ICU, the general ward continued treatment, the current medical expenses of 430,000.

After the mother was hospitalized, my family was like a dead leaf in the wind and rain, facing great pressure both in spirit and material coz we cannot afford such high medical expenses,in my hardest time, the company colleagues have extended their love and launched a loving-care action to help me make  through the most difficult moments. I received a total of 50,000 yuan, and I also had received WeChat transfer and a red pocket,which make me feel so warm,it is the warmth and sunshine of this big family helped us make through,after the mother turns to the ordinary ward, and can talk in a low voice, the right hand and legs can be simply bent, the left hand can Bending, the arm has a slight obstacle temporarily, and is still bed-ridden. The rehabilitation training is taken during the treatment, and she is out of danger.

Thanks again to all the leaders and colleagues who helped and encouraged me, thank you for your selfless donation, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude! thank you all!



Administration Department Xu Kai