Disassembly of 12V 1A adapter

2018-08-01 17:47:56

Shenzhen Ruide Electronical Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in development and producing power adapters, and we have always been committed to addressing customer needs first and continuously improving quality and efficiency.We strictly control on the production, guide and standardize and improve the internal quality  control, to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad with high quality products and services.Now let's take a look at the features of this power adapter


The appearance

Ruide 12V 1A adapter, with white shell,simple&delicate

Rated output power 12W, Chinese standard plug,CCC certificated,made by Shenzhen Ruide

Model No.RD1201000-C55-128GB

Input100-240V-50/60Hz 0.3A

Output12V 1A

DC cable length1000mm


Color White/Black









测试篇 The tests

It can support voltage of 12V, current 1A,charging power 12W

Temperature test diagram for the devices


It is more safe with multi-protection

 It has a wide scope of application



拆解篇 Disassembly

Ultrasonic welding, non - destructive open shell

PCB pin device surface overview

The front and back of the board are neat and concise with reasonable and compact component layout


PCB veneer device surface overview

The primary main capacitor is consisted of two 400V 12μF input capacitors in parallel

The blue capacitor is mainly used to filter out high frequency interference, which is the key point to avoid charging jumping

MB10S   Rectifier bridge model MB10S

Primary master Chipown PN8370


The PN8370P integrates an ultra-low standby power quasi-resonant primary side controller with a 690V high avalanche capability& smart power MOSFET for high performance, streamlined peripheral chargers, adapters and built-in power supplies. The PN8370P is the primary feedback mode of operation, of which the optocoupler and TL431 can be omitted. Built-in high-voltage start-up circuit can achieve chip no-load loss (230VAC) less than 30mW. In constant voltage mode, quasi-resonant and multi-mode techniques are used to improve efficiency and eliminate audible noise, so that the system can meet energy efficiency level VI standards. The adjustable output line compensation function enables the system to achieve better load regulation; in constant current mode, the output current and power can be adjusted by the CS pin resistance. The chip provides an extremely comprehensive intelligent protection function, including cycle-by-cycle over-current protection, over-voltage protection, open loop protection, over temperature protection, output short circuit protection, and CS open/short circuit protection




The unique design of the 12V 1A power adapter makes its high performance and security in a small space. The exterior design is simple and generous, and it is very practical. When the adapter delivers current to the Tmall Genie via the USB cable, the output voltage is consistent with the internal voltage of the Tmall Genie,and with very high charging efficiency & small power consumption.