Proposal of company loving-care donation for Administration dept XuKai’s family

2018-06-07 09:33:41

Dearf Colleagues:

At the moment we work and study in order and enjoy the happiness of family, an unfortunate family is in urgent need of help! Xu Kai,our clerk of administration dept,whose 64-year-old mother accidentally fell into the street when riding an electric bicycle on the way to the farm market to buy vegetables at ard 5 o'clock on May 26, 2018,and suffered serious head injuries.She was sent to the local people's hospital for rescue by a nice person who passed by.Due to serious impact on the head, she has accepted two craniotomy operations already which have caused complications and acute respiratory distress syndrome. She has been in a coma for more than ten days and is still being rescued in the intensive care unit, and her life is in danger  at any time.

Xu Kai joined the production department in 2009 and has been engaged in management work. He has been dedicated to his work and fulfilled his duties. He was praised by everyone. In August 2017, he was elected as the chairman of the second term of labor union. In 2018, he was transferred to the general department whose work is to resolve all kinds of the contradictions among employees, and to create an orderly and healthy working and living environment for everyone.

Now, in order to take care of her mother, he and his wife Liu Yuxia, who are employees of the company, have to take a long vacation home. There is no source of income and the two of them still have to pay more than 10,000 hospitalization fees and intensive care and medical expenses. The existing savings can no longer afford the high medical expenses, the company is now launching a loving-care action among all colleagues: Please extend your love and dedication, and help Xukai’s family to overcome the difficulties!

Maybe these donations are just a small expenditure for you, but these little love-caring can send the warmest sunshine to their lives,and extend his mother's life as possible as we can, and regain their confidence for life.

He needs you and me, and all of us, to reach out our hands and our love, light up a watchful light, and help him hold up a blue sky!

Shenzhen Ruide Electronical Industrial Co., Ltd

 Administration Department

Huizhou Ruixing Yuan Technology Co., Ltd.

June, 7th,2018