Convergence India 2018

2018-03-07 11:39:17

A ten years’ profound accumulation makes great job, the good quality good are highly appreciated by India clients, and Ruide appeared at Convergence India 2018


The Convergence India 2018 exhibition (March 7-9), which lasted for 3 days, is the largest and most influential communication exhibition in India,gathering the well-known companies from all over the world.

As a company with professional R & D, production capacity,Ruide Electronics have prepared various specifications of adapters, chargers, and also consumer products including wireless chargers,power bank and etc, which makes this exhibition very hot!

Since 2007, Ruide products have entered Indian market, providing a cumulative quantity of more than 100 million power supply products for Indian market. And the main partners are Vodafone India, Airtel, Tata, Reliance Jio, MMX and so on. In order to realize local manufacturing of Make In India, we started production in India from 2017 to avoid tariff adjustment so that we have better competition on the cost.

The advantages of Ruide

1. Good R&D ability, we have more than 100 R&D engineers for various products and provide clients with perfect power supply, battery solutions, products including mobile phone chargers, power adapters, mobile phone batteries, cells, power bank, wireless chargers and etc.

2. As for abundant safety certifications,Ruide invests more than 5 million certification budget every year to provide corresponding solutions for power supply products and meet the standards commonly used in major countries of the world.

3. Obvious advantages on manufacturing platform.Our total manufacturing capacity of Huizhou, Wuhu and India can reach 15 million pcs/month for chargers&adapters, and 6 million pcs/month for batteries.We will own 4 automated production lines with complete product quality and delivery management system within 2018.