Lithium Battery Manufacturing Technology Advances In China's Battery Industry Will Be More Competitive

2018-09-15 02:57:24

"Battery life is the center of the new energy vehicles, a good battery can drive the development of new energy vehicles, so that clean energy, clean transportation become a reality." Huang Xue-Jie recently entitled "" Thirteen Five "the country's new energy vehicle power battery technology chain and when the industry chain development ideas, "the report, the audience will draw attention to the battery.

Battery from acid to alkali resistance, and then the organic system lithium-ion battery, after a long development process. Lithium battery with high energy density, light weight advantages quickly became the market lead for the development of new lithium energy industry has opened up a vast space. At the same time, the development of lithium industry, especially the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, lithium battery upstream increasing demands.

The lithium battery must take into account the good energy density, power density and cycle life of three basic elements. This is not only with the battery material itself, but also by manufacturing processes, technology and other factors, that is, the development of high-performance batteries depends on the positive, progressive anode, separator, electrolyte and other key materials technology.

"For the battery industry, in order to improve battery product quality, it is necessary to improve the entire technology chain battery from material to manufacturing, to the system, by industry collaborate on technology accumulation, overcome technical bottlenecks, reduce costs, on the basis of the downstream market driven universal application. "Huang Xue-Jie said.

Lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium ternary material ...... manufacturing technology and manufacturing processes continue to progress and innovation, Huang Xue-Jie reports that, in 2020, "Made in China" will be a substantial increase in speed and accuracy, than battery when energy will reach 300 watt-hours per kilogram, the cost shift decline One and a half, China's battery industry more competitive.