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2016-06-14 03:01:14

Four skills to accelerate the charging speed for cell phone:

Cell phone is most important for people that are on business, because they need to use it contact clients and save time. But all these are based on enough mobile power. We have no idea as to when our cell phones will show the prompting of “low battery capacity”. Now here are some tips to charge more power to cell phone before going out.

Now here are four tips to teach you how to accelerate the charging speed for cell phones. Since you have no idea as to when the cell phone is out of power, let’s try to extend its work duration.

1.Turn off the cell phone during charging
When the cell phone is on, its background process will have power loss. Such power loss can be avoided by turning off the cell phone during charging. In this way, the charging speed can be raised.

2.Try to use charger
The power as supplied by the USB port of desktop PC or of laptop is fairly low (5V and 0.5mA). Obviously, the charging speed brought by such power is much slower than that of the USB charger.
For example, the current of the Samsung Galaxy S5 charger is 2.1mA, the current of the USB 2.0 port is 0.5 mA and the current of USB 3.0 port is 0.9 mA. That is to say, even if S5 uses USB 3.0 port for charging, its speed is no match for that of the charger.
What is worth mentioning is that although some laptops and PC devices can supply high current, it is hard to be judged. For this reason, the most safe, proper and prompt way is to use mobile charger for charging. Additionally, we may also consider using the high-power charger of tablet PC to charge cell phones so as to find out if the charging speed for cell phones can be raised.

3.Use quick charger or other quick-charging technology
Nowadays some smart phones available on the market have come to support quick-charging technology, such as high pass quick charge, which raises the charging speed for smart phone by roughly 75%. We can find out if our cell phones support quick charge or other quick-charging technologies by consulting mobile manual or other materials.

4.High-quality USB cable
What is most surprising is that USB cable will also affect the charging speed for cell phones.
Generally, extremely low-priced USB cable is too thin to transmit enough power to cell phones safely. To cut down production cost, some manufacturers use low-quality metal or thin metal conducting wire as USB cable, which is unable to effectively charge cell phones in high power. Given this, we suggest cell phone users to use auxiliary or high-quality USB cable for charging.